The wine-seller. Fundamental knowledge and skills.
  • In-company Training:

    This course is offered in response to the demand from companies and businesses dedicated to wine selling: wineries, distributors, restaurants, wine bars, etc.

  • Description:

    Selling is not small deal, dispatching products might be, but if we seek to meet customer needs in the best possible way, achieving basic knowledge and skills become important. More so in the case of wine, as it is a product with a certain complexity. In this 9-hours course we will review together this knowledge and hone our skills for effective sales and give good service to our customers, either from a wine bar, a restaurant, a wine shop, a warehouse or a distributor.

    • Day 1: Basics of wine tasting: viticulture and vinification. Wine tasting technique
    • Day 2: Varieties, climates and soils. Introduction to wine marketing
    • Day 3: Sales techniques applied to wine
  • Addressed to:

    All professionals working in the value chain in the wine industry, spanning from wineries to restaurants, specialty shops and wine bars, or distributors and wine export/import companies..

  • Background information:

    They are not necessary but it is convenient to have taken the introductory course to wine tasting and culture.

  • Number of students:

    Minimum 5 students.

  • Certificate:

    Accrediting certificate will be given to attendees.

         Rúa de San Roque 69, 3B
         36204 Vigo (Pontevedra)

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