• Description:

    Do you have to organize a meal for your group of friends, colleagues or your boules team and want to surprise them? Do you want a different plan related to wine downtown so that you don’t need to drive? Or, quite the opposite, do you want to go out into nature and enjoy a meal at a winery, including a snack and an after lunch stroll through the vineyards?

    We’ll make the plans for you! With the information given, we’ll make proposals that will outline together. You can leave it in our hands, you’ll enjoy for sure!

  • Where:

    Wherever you want to go but, for organizational reasons, we will focus on the A Corunna – Santiago – Vigo – Ourense corridor and its surroundings. Not to mention, of course, the 5 wine denominations of origin in Galicia.

  • Addressed to:

    Groups of people who enjoy new culinary experiences and some other not that new: a different pairing, a stroll through the vineyards, wines from distant places.. Being foodies and wine lovers is a must!

  • Price:

    From 30 € per person (groups of 12 people) we can organize an activity with wine. In any case, we’ll study together different options depending on your needs.

         Rúa de San Roque 69, 3B
         36204 Vigo (Pontevedra)
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