• Description:

    Are you looking for a gift that will help motivate employees of your company? A joint effort to strengthen the team spirit maybe? Or do you have a meal with important clients and need someone to organize the food and choose the appropriate wines?

    Let us handle it. With the information given we’ll make several proposals that will outline together. We can help you in::

    • Choosing a wine to give to customers or employees and manage shipment.
    • Organizing a business lunch with clients or colleagues.
    • Planning a day or a weekend of activities to promote teamwork.
    • Any other request you would like to ask related to the world of wine.
  • Where:

    For organizational reasons, we will focus on the A Corunna – Santiago – Vigo – Ourense corridor and its surroundings.

  • Addressed to:

    Companies looking for a more personalized attention in organizing events or incentives for their employees. Addressed to companies that take care of the relationships with customers and believe that the wine culture can be an interesting way of getting it.

  • Price:

    Depending on the requested needs, we’ll manage to offer interesting proposals for the overall budget.

         Rúa de San Roque 69, 3B
         36204 Vigo (Pontevedra)

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