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Friends of Clandestinity, welcome!

If you’ve come up with this it is because you meet the three basic requirements to join our club:

  • Love wine even at breakie. With graham crackers … Yum!
  • You’d like to be rich so that you can spend a bunch of bucks on eating and drinking. By that time, we are aware you will change club, but before you leave, give us a shot, will you?
  • We know each other personally, we’ve attended a course or a trip about wine together or we have a friend, family member or pet in common.

You might even asked me once already for advice on wine, restaurants, winery tours… or for a booking for this or that, or for telling you if I find any value for money… snitches, privileged information, clandestine secrets in any case.

If so, you already have my cell phone for what you need, but I’m not in you agenda yet, then keep my number: +34 661957861 and whatsapp me so that I can have yours. From now on this will be our communication channel.

This is a Clandestine club for friends. If we were too many, I wouldn’t be able to give personal attention to any of you. Even more, I couldn’t get enough wine for all nor find a place to gather occasionally around a big meal. If you have a friend who is interested in becoming part of the club, please let me know and we’ll see.

Becoming member of El Clandestino has no cost, no permanence, no purchase commitments or limits to the information you may need, I’ll just add a small margin in wines and experiences, and make sure prices are always advantageous for you. We all win!

If you carry the Clandestinity gene in your veins, just fill out the form below:

*Basic conditions to organize ourselves better

  • Registration: to become a member of ElClandestino.wine you just have to fill in a simple form. There are no quotas, purchase or permanence commitments..
  • Proposals: you will receive through WhatsApp or email the different proposals for wine packs, experiences, courses, etc. Under no circumstances are you obliged to buy.
  • Purchase: the purchase will be charged by direct debit to the account number you have indicated in your registration.
  • Shipping costs: I have tried to make it the minimum, 4.50€ (shipping in Galicia)
  • Delivery time: 15 days after the deadline to confirm the purchase.
  • Refund: 7 days from receipt provided it is in perfect condition and in its original packaging, without penalty of any kind. For the return I will indicate a delivery place in your city, where I can pick it up.

Registration form

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Inquiries: I’ll be available at all times for help.
         Rúa de San Roque 69, 3B
         36204 Vigo (Pontevedra)

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